Krispr (2021)

Krispr performance

My text score Krispr is performed

The score Krispr is a commissioned work from Performance Protocols in 2021. The score revolves around the sound of a common staple in the nordic households, Knäckebröd, and how these sound can be performed as a sound piece in a gallery. Krispr is a work that focuses on listening, dislocation of everyday sounds, and a disruptive attention of the listener. The score is a guide for the performer to explore the sonic qualities of the krisp bread packages.

Krispr performance

Performed by Tina Krogh Madsen

The score text for Krispr was exhibited at Third Space Gallery, and Performance by Tine Krogh Madsen at Akusmata Gallery in Helsinki.

Krispr performance


Krispr Performance by Tine Krogh Madsen at Akusmata Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Exhibition of text scores at Third Space Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Organised by Performance Protocols