Metopia Gas (2014)

Metopia Gas

Listening to environmental patterns

Metopia Gas is a portable sonic interface for urban exploration of pollution from cars using sensors and sound processing. The problem of air-pollution is addressed in this work to answer questions,such as, how complex data can be managed in a sound composition using sound processing and machine learning, and how complex data can be experienced though auditory means, in situ.

Metopia Gas

Interfaces for car pollution

Microscopic matter, invisible to the human perception, traverses our human bodies, through the air we breathe and through our skin, such as data transmission via electromagnetic propagation, dust, virus, bacteria, and other airborne particles such as volatile organic compounds, both biological and anthropogenic.

What we breath have a continuous impact on our bodies and on our behavior. In addition to this, the exposure to toxic clouds of dust caused by natural catastrophe, such as a vulcano eruption, or political conflict where fire arms and explosives are used, with a mixture of different particulate matter entering the human body, mostly anthropogenic, is a worst-case scenario for the human respiratory system.

This work consists of an interface with sensors, sound processing in Pure Data and a machine learning model to handle the incoming data read from the sensors.


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Exhibitions and Symposia

International Conference for the Environmental Humanities, Streams,
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Open Fields: PostSensorium Conference, Riga, Latvia

Ecodata, Rixc Art and Science Festival, Riga, Latvia

International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Gwangju, South Korea

Open Fields Conference, Riga, Latvia

International Computer Music Conference, Kaegu, South Korea

Sound Forms Symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Arts in the environment (Keynote), Helsinki, Finland

Open Fields Conference, Riga, Latvia

Open Fields Conference, Riga, Latvia

International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Hong Kong

International Computer Music Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands

International Conference on Auditory Display, IEM, Graz, Austria

International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Vancouver, Canada

Internet of Things: Philosophy: What It Means To be Human in IoT, York, UK

International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Dubai, UAE