Fake Radio (2001)

Fake radio interface

Instrument for radiowaves

Fake Radio is a sound sculpture, and an interactive musical instrument. It was designed in 2001. The concept of the piece is that it is not receiving anything, but is only transmitting, exploring the space of sound, duration, disruptive elements and pure sound waves. The auditory space and duration is broken by space/time cracks, to create variations in its output.

Fake Radio consists of acrylic sheets, BasicX24 micro controller, electronics components, battery holder, 13 potentiometers, knobs, speaker, line-in plug, and screws. MAX/MSP is used to process the sound.


Red Door Gallery, New York, USA

Resonant Wave Festival, Spannwerk, Berlin, Germany

Brooklyn Wave Pattern Integrity Center For the Deaf and Blind:
Explorations in Ambient Soundscapes, New York, USA

The Greene Lounge, New York, USA