Astro Turf (1999)

Astro Turf installation

Sound art installation

Astro Turf is a sound composition addressing movement and temporality in urban spaces inspired by the writings of French philosophers Henri Lefebvre and Gaston Bachelard, looking into the interplay between unstable, fleeing and incoherent processes as part of everyday life. Lefebvre points to the need for new approaches to the unpredictable, information, play, and the use of the imaginary (Lefebvre 1996), and the lived experience of the city and architecture (Bachelard 1994).

This sound piece was created as an installtion for the elevator at the gallery space, Art in General at Walker Street in New York in 1999. The composition played while the elevator was ascending or descending the four floors of the gallery, moving vertically in space, juxtaposing a vertical listening experience with a horizontal sonic abstract narrative.


Astro Turf was awarded Best Sound Art at the CYnet Art exhibition in Kunsthaus, Dresden, Germany in 2000. In the Jury were Dr. Klaus Nicolai, Dresden; Iska Jehl, Professor Kunsthochschule München; Jens Heise, Institute for New Media, Frankfurt; Dr. Christa Schneebauer, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria; Thomas Gerwin, ZKM Karlsruhe.


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