13 Volts and 1 Carrot (2002)

13 Volts and 1 Carrot

Performance at Dumbo Arts Festival 2002

13 Volts and 1 Carrot has a custom gestural interface, Kinesis that was created for this performance to convey the cultural move from the viewpoint of the pig. 13 Volts and 1 Carrot is a performance inspired by Joseph Campbell's research in primitive magic, myths, and social anthropology, showing how culture move through the stages, from magic, over religion, to in the end reaching the state of science.


Performance Garage, Copenhagen, Denmark

Club Argot at Turbinehallerne, Annex to the Royal Theatre of Copenhagen, Denmark

Performa 07 Biennale, New York, USA

Habitat, Live Art and Conference, Brooklyn Lyceum, New York, USA

Signal and Noise Festival, Video In Studios, Vancouver, Canada

Digital Art Weeks Symposium, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich, Switzerland

Ausland, Berlin, Germany

Humen Computer Interaction Cenference, London

Unpredictable Music Series, State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York, USA

Experimental Performance, Pratt Institute, The School of Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn, New York, USA

read_me 04 festival, Aarhus University and The Art Academy, Aarhus, Denmark

Eyewash, Remote Lounge, New York, USA

The Bunker, Tonic, New York, USA

Downtown Digitalia, Batofar, Paris, France

Musikhochschule, Hamburg, Germany

MAXIS, Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Research in Music,
University of Leeds, UK

Resonant Wave Festival, Spannwerk, Berlin, Germany

The Greene Lounge, New York, USA