paper in proceedings
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Creativity and Cognition 2009 Conference
Berkeley Art Museum and UC Berkeley, CA, US
October 2009

Gestures, Interfaces, and Other Secrets of the Stage, May 2008.
Transdisciplinary Digital Art: Sound, Vision and the New Screen
in Communications in Computer and Information Science series, CCIS.
Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany
CCIS publication eds. Stefan Muller Arisona, Steve Gibson and Randy Adams
Springer Verlag CCIS
previously published in Proceedings, Digital Art Weeks in Zuerich, 2006

audioTagger International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA), Singapore
published in proceedings
Singapore, Malaysia
July, 2008

Prototype GO: Wireless controller for Pure Data
Linux Audio Conference LAC
published in Proceedings LAC
Academy of Media Art, Cologne, Germany
February 28- March 2, 2008

GO interface
published in proceedings
New Interfaces for Musical Expression, NIME 2008
in Genoa, Italy
June 2008

audioTagger: Wireless Phonography in Urban Space
Published in Proceedings, reActor
Second International Conference on Digital Live Art
Leeds Met University, Leeds, UK
Proceedings reActor

Designing Prototype GO for Sound and Light
Sound, Art, Auditory Cultures Conference
Paper presentation
Organised by Soeren Moeller Soerensen, Torben Sanild, Erik Granly, and Brandon LaBelle
Copenhagen University, Denmark
November 28-30, 2007

audioTagger:Wireless Phonography
published in Proceedings of Digital Art Weeks Symposium 2007,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
Zuerich, Switzerland

Designing Prototype GO
published in Proceedings of Pure Data Convention 2007,
Montreal, Canada

Gestures, Interfaces and Other Sectrets of the Stage
published in Proceedings of Digital Art Weeks Symposium 2006,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
Zuerich, Switzerland

Mobile Social Software

Schumann Resonances; waveforms of Tellus and its sound generating properties
Electromagnetic Waves of Tellus and its Sound Generating Properties
Examining causality and wireless transmission.

Performance On the Internet; Overcoming Space >> Overcoming Time?

The New Ensembles of Sven-Ake Johansson

The Knowledge you need to feel like a man
Published in Visual Arts Press, No.43, New York
Essay on my meeting with the national musician of Ethiopia
one upon a time in Addis Abeba

Skulptur av Roman Signer; En undersokning av temporala och spatiala processer
[Sculpture by Roman Signer; Exploring Temporal and Spatial Processes] Master's Thesis, Lund University, Sweden

Roman Signer; tid och rum i Signers skulptur [Time and Space in Signer's Sculptures]
Roman Signer; Zeit und Raum in Signers Skulptur [translation by Jasmin Enzlmuller] Bachelor's Thesis, Lund University, Sweden

Butoh och den osynliga tekniken [The Invisible Techniques in Butoh]
Master's Thesis, Lund University, Sweden
[studied butoh with Natsu Nakajima, Akira Kasai, Carlotta Ikeda,
Tenkei (Mutsuko Tanaka, Ebisu Torii), Koo Murobushi, Tadashi Endo, Eiko and Koma]

The Art of Emil Cohl and Winsor McCay

Sound and Sound Effects in Animated Films
on the technology used in synchronization of sound and image
part of reading assignments in Media Art 2001
Department of Visual Arts, University of Maryland, US

Visuell musik av Paik [Visual Music by Paik]
essay on a performance by Paik on Houston Street in NYC

Ondskan hos Ingemar Bergman [Evil in Ingemar Bergman's films]

Noh Teater