Eva Sjuve is an artist, composer, and researcher in wireless technologies.
She develops interfaces to reveal hidden structures in the intersection between
the wireless sphere and the real world, and sometimes that of the imagined and
otherworldly. She develops projects for networks, targeted for audio and mobility
in hardware and open source software. audioTagger is one project where sonic
snapshots are taken with mobile phones to create a map of everyday sounds from
urban areas such as New York, ZŸrich and Berlin. GO is another project Eva Sjuve
developed using wireless transmission of information for auditory systems, a work
later commissioned by New Composers Series, White Noise ll, and used as part of
a performance at PERFORMA07 in New York City with the title GO Karamazov. Her
current project, Ghost Scraper, is a solar powered networked apparatus used to
search for sonic properties of ghosts and ether voices in the urban environment.
Her work has been included in media festivals and museums in Europe, Asia, Australia,
USA and South America, including the Australian Center of Contemporary Art, Melbourne,
Australia; Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland; Centre d'Arte Contemporain
de Basse Normandie, France; CAEIT Experiments in Art, Information and Technology,
California Institute of the Arts, USA; The Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago, USA;
City Exhibition Hall, Sydney, Australia, and National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.
Eva Sjuve holds a MasterŐs degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program,
New York University, and a double Master's degree in Art Theory and Theatre/Film,
Lund University, Sweden. She also studied electronic art at School of Visual
Arts in New York City, and composition at the Centre de Creation Musicale de
Iannis Xenakis in Paris (CCMIX), France.